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We are committed to becoming a strong performer of multiple brand combination strategy in China Clothing Industry,listed company of Chinese women’s dress and world-famous fashion enterprise.


Culture Essence

Sunny Culture:Positive,Healthy and Harmonious,which is the culture connotation implied by the value concept of“Sunny Women,Show Long Life”.Sunny culture is the core of Show Long corporate culture and support of Show Long life.

About Company Development–Respect Tradition,Create the Future

Guide Employee Behavior—Action makes dreams realized

Brand Logo–Sunny Women,Show Long Life

Overview of Show Long Corporate Culture


Culture Vein

The key for Show Long to make its today’s achievement is being pragmatic.

Foundation of Show Long Culture

The foundation of Show Long culture lies in all the employees’positive spirit,high working enthusiasm and good teamwork awareness.

Show Long Culture is to recognize oneself,do not belittle oneself improperly,have one’s own judgment and know that he is a Chinese.Show Long people shall create a culture tree that reaches the sky.


Attitude of Culture

The expression of culture should have an international attitude,abide by the essence of the enterprise,do not be arrogant but be tolerant.


Enterprise Character

Have a sense of social responsibility,strive to develop,develop pragmatically and harmoniously,do some charity events and abide by quality first


Connotation of the Logo

Show Long trademark has two small rings,representing employee individuals;and a big ring,representing the overall harmony,implying open and tolerant.


Show Long People’s Temperament

Show Long People are harmonious and kind.Show Long shall not disturb social harmony and the employee cannot disturb the harmony of Show Long culture,either.


Business Philosophy

1.Talent and Technology Based

Talent and technology are the primary power source of enterprise development.Show Long relies on a broad business platform,actively cultivates its excellent brand talent and innovative and all-round talent.

2.With Humanistic Spirit as Tenet

Show Long advocates humanistic culture,cultivates its employees humanistically,provides its customers with humanistic service and improves Chinese clothing brand quality with the clothing culture deposits of independent innovation.

3.Contribute to Human Society

Show Long has always advocated serving the society and being a responsible enterprise.

4.Take Harmony as the Tidemark of Business Operation

During business operation,Show Long takes products rich in cultural quality connotation as the carrier and actively pursues harmony between human and objects,human and human and human and the society.