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A good scholar will make an official. President Wu Jianmin resigned from an official and plunged into the business arena. From the Chinese market to the world market, he has successfully turned from a scholar to a strong performer in the fashion industry. By use of aesthetic elements, he gallops in the kingdom of fashion, and interprets the excellence of Show Long fashion by combining the western and eastern civilization as well as sunny culture.

He, careful and persistent, carries heavy cultural heritage, learns about the global fashion with soul and promotes Show Long to prevail in the clothing industry.

He, individualized and emotional, specializes in creating women’s unique mellow, demure, elegant and romantic temperament with graceful and natural clothing, thus shaping the poetic life of Show Long and forming its special clothing brand system.

He, intelligent and rational, devises strategies within a tent and fully displays the mien of a young and virtuous entrepreneur. He gradually promotes Show Long to finish its transformation from single women’s dress to series of products, and then to industrial series, expands his market to the world by launching a new brand, leads his elite team to start Show Long’s trip of realizing international dream, and spreads the sunshine of Show Long in every corner of the world!

An eternally enlightened walker, a fashion master interpreting “beauty”, a model tasting sunny culture and a general director manipulating the stage of dream… he plays a variety of roles, attracts and leads countless young people to build Show Long forest together by right of his personal charisma and courage and run a harmonious oasis of nature and humanism.