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Brand interpretation:

The highest level of life is Shu Chang Ming Lang,the real life should be a sunny life,Shu Lang life."Shu Lang"is designed to convey an intellectual way of dress and life philosophy for women.The women made up by"Shu Lang"are full of intellectual charm and personality charm,and set off the wisdom of sunny women's way of doing things and beautiful life philosophy.The charm of Shulang lies in:being a Shulang woman will always be beautiful.


Brand Positioning:

A brand with a history,with a stable style and tempered quality,it is world-renowned for its unremitting pursuit of high quality.At the same time,it is also one of the most innovative fashion brands in the industry.It can break through conventions,guide new trends,and bring an intellectual quality of life and a sunny mood of self-confidence and happiness to the urban high-end business crowd.



Brand interpretation:

The beautiful young lady with urban romance,fashion is not exaggerated,sexy and not bold,feminine and confident,elegant and fresh,and leaves a charming impression in urban life,business activities,social venues and other fashion spaces.,Smooth lines,self-cultivation contours,and exquisite details,shape herself into an unassuming,non-powerful,dexterous and bright woman,just like a butterfly with a beautiful romantic atmosphere.


Brand Concept:

The"rattan elegant"lifestyle originates from the Meizhiteng brand.The beauty of vines graces your life.


Brand Positioning:

A historical brand with a core style and independent identity.It draws inspiration from French elegance and Italian elegance,and combines the aesthetic appeals of modern urban women to create a classic and elegant taste with an international style,paying attention to the exterior of customers,And at the same time attaches great importance to improving the happiness of customers'perception.



Brand connotation:

A brand with a sense of travel themed story.The brand advocates a sunny lifestyle of"youth and good time".Its overall style is European urban casual fashion women's clothing.The products feature color contrast and stitching techniques,which are fashionable,modern and commuting.Urban fashion,there are also casual,comfortable,and environmentally friendly casual fashions.It promotes the concept of youth and freedom and publicizes individuality,and creates a cheerful atmosphere of"creative fashion,colorful life"unique to young women.

Brand Positioning:

This is a brand with strong visual impact and story connotation.It is an innovative and inspiring brand.It always gives people a bright feeling.The design always takes into account the diverse needs of fashion customers.The tireless pursuit of GOGIRL is equally important to GOGIRL.



Brand connotation:

Keledom embraces all kinds of cultural heritage,creativity,cognition,and imagination,and integrates into art and design with thinking about the world,life,and life.Its unique inclusive and broad interpretation of the art of clothing,natural fabrics with the temperature of nature,soft tones suitable for oriental women's skin,let you stay away from the hustle and bustle of the city,as if you are in a sea of​​lavender flowers,enjoy the leisurely slow time.

Brand Positioning:

The designer style brand of Shulang Group,with a simple,natural and casual style,is favored by high-grade women who have experienced artistic accomplishment and enjoy the taste of life.Its strong innovation has created many high-quality and loyal customers for the brand.



Brand Positioning:

In 2010,Shulang Group launched a brand with designer style-Zuiku.Drunk Cool,which uses individuality as the brand language,combines the aesthetic technology of innovation,independence,individuality and look and feel with one or more harmonious clothing,unique or repetitive."Drunk Cool"represents a place and an attitude.And a way of life.


little girl

GOGIRL KIDS children’s clothing continues the colorful and distinctive color characteristics of the GOGIRL brand and its mixing and matching methods.It focuses on the comfort of children’s wearing and the use of healthy and environmentally friendly fabrics to create a colorful children’s exclusive space.The colorful candy colors bring children into a fairy tale kingdom.Abstract patterns,tassel elements,fresh lace,gradation and collision of color blocks,different colors,different materials,etc.create a colorful,dreamlike dream world for children.


3:3 sweater expert

The 3:3 sweater expert is a unique e-commerce brand single product created by Shulang in 2014.It satisfies the beautiful dressing experience of fashionable women with softness,comfort and freedom of personality.3:3 The style of sweaters is free and changeable,and the unique styles such as European and American neutral wind,pure casual wind,OL wind,and lady pastoral wind are outlined with colorful yarns of different thicknesses,leading with the spirit of never falling behind Fashion trends,combining popular and practical elements,construct modern women's clothing images on different occasions,and create a life philosophy that reduces complexity to simplicity.Focus on sweaters and discover every bit of beauty.


Big clothes shop

Brand Concept:

Implied luxury,clear elegance,quiet appeal,reasonable design,smooth contours,and elegant colors interpret and shape a coat brand exclusively for contemporary women.Behind every coat is Feng Rusong's concentrated research on exquisite craftsmanship,which brings the wonderful soul of every coat.

Feng Rusong is simple,stylish,and noble,and its persistence in perfect craftsmanship is what Feng Rusong has always insisted on.Every coat is tested repeatedly from design to completion by a professional team,striving to achieve the perfect balance of style and comfort.


Brand positioning:

Young women born in the 70s who advocate nature,

Post-80s women who understand the confidence and elegance of life,

Post-90s women yearning for quality,youthful vitality.

ing on its good corporate culture,Show Long has attracted excellent talent from all over the world.

◇Sales Strategy and Network

Innovation and Sales Strategies:We learn successful sales methods from experience,constantly melt in our new innovative ideas and strive to meet customers’diversified demands from strategic decisions and service details,so as to improve our service quality.

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